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5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media has been a huge boon to big and small companies alike. It is not only free to access but it also enables many companies to increase their ability to reach a wide variety of people, something that accelerates business relationships.

As much as social media is an outstanding marketing platform, success is not always guaranteed. There are many pitfalls and snares across the road. In order to register the best results in your marketing endeavours, these are the top five social media marketing mistakes to avoid.

1. Signing Up to Every Platform at Once

Many companies believe that the louder their social media signal is, the more people are going to hear about it. However, it is important to first focus on a single platform and build a reliable following other than half a dozen platforms where you have to scramble. Treat social media marketing as a workout routine. Always start slow and once you can be sure that you can do more, expand onto other avenues.

2. Sharing Too Often

Remember the last time you attended a party and there was an annoying person who could not stop talking? He was probably talking about an interesting topic, but you simply could not take any more of the talking. Well, that is your answer! Social media is the party and your shared posts are like the partygoer who cannot stop talking. Brevity is the soul of wit. As such, it is better to make a single memorable post about your services than write ten thousand words that no one will never care to read.

3. Failing to Use Enough Visuals

A picture indeed says a thousand words. When it comes to social media marketing, if you are not sharing pictures and videos, then you are doing it wrong. According to statistics, 35% of posts with photos and 28% of pictures are often retweeted. A wall of text alone is not enough to capture attention, not unless it is accompanied by a memorable picture.

4. Lack of Interactivity

While your social media pages are meant for the broadcasting of information, they are also places where your leads and prospects interact with you. So, do not shy away from responding to comments and messages. Building a rapport with people is highly important. Remember that anything you say is going on record, so do not get reckless.

5. Exaggeration

While every company wants to make a good impression and acquire even more customers through social media marketing, exaggeration is simply unacceptable. Do not be dishonest about your services or even spam the pages with fake links. Often times, this is a recipe for disaster. At the end of the day, there is no worse company than one that does not live up to its promises.

Evidently, a strategic approach is always important when it comes to conquering social media. Leaving these common mistakes behind will enable you to come up with a better and more effective social media marketing plan. Putting these tips into practice will ensure that your prospective clients do not waste time when it comes to seeking your best services.