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Local SEO and PPC Campaign

Local Estate Agent wanted more valuation leads. 

We were engaged to help generate a reliable lead funnel for valuations for a local sales and letting agents in Cardiff. 

Many traditional forms of media had been tried to varying levels of success but none had been a reliable and cost effective method. 

We started a local SEO campaign for a variety of keywords like Cardiff Estate Agents and within a month had the agent out performing most national brands and large agents in the area. With 3 months they were ranking #2 for Cardiff Estate Agents!

The local SEO campaign also delivered some extraordinary  numbers too. Discovery searches (people searching for associated keywords like "find a good estate agents") went up over 500% in the first year.

At the same time a pay per click campaign was implemented to drive traffic to the instant online valuation tool. This provided a simple and trackable element that captured data of individuals interested in finding out how much their property was worth. 

On a relatively modest budget of around £6 a day we were seeing approximately 1.5 leads a day coming through.